Toyota Corolla Levin

Update (更新): 2021-03-03 04:32:34

FOB Price in JPY (FOB価格(円)): 2500000

    Vehicle Info (車両情報)

    Reference No (参照番号): 20201130001C

    Model (モデル): Corolla Levin

    Manufacture Date (製造年月日): 1985

    First Registration (最初の登録):

    Type (種類): AE86

    Engine Size (排気量): 1600cc

    Engine Type (エンジン型式): AE101

    Fuel (燃料): Gasoline

    Chassis No (車台番号下3桁):

    Mileage (走行): 165,000 km

    Color (車体色): White-Black

    Steering Wheel (ハンドル): RHD

    Drive System (駆動方式): RWD

    Transmission (ミッション):

    Riding Capacity (乗車定員): 2

    Doors (ドア): 2

    Dimensions (寸法)(L x W x H):

    Unit Weight (単位重量):

    Remarks (コメント)

    Grade GT Apex
    AE101 20 Valve Engine with 4 Throttles
    Harmonic Gear
    Freedom ECU
    7P Rollbar
    Recaro Seats
    Rays TE37V Wheels
    ATR Sports Tires (new)
    FRP Bonnet
    Fujitsubo Muffler
    TRD Rear Spring 4.5k
    Oil Cooler
    Oil Catch Tank
    Omori Triple Gauge
    Roll Center Adapter
    Rear Traction Bracket
    LED Headlights (new)
    Front and Rear Tower Bar
    TRD Shift Knob
    Momo Steering Wheel
    Alternator (new)
    Thermostat (new)
    Seat Rails (new)
    Oil Change

    Condition (状態)

    Scratch (傷):

    Dent (凹み):

    Faded Paint (色あせたペンキ):

    Peeled Paint (皮をむいたペンキ):

    Repair Signs (修理標識):

    Rust (さび):

    Corrosion (腐食):

    Tears (破れ目):

    Burns (燃やす):

    Broken (壊れ):

    Missing Parts (不足部品):

    Chips (ペンキチップ):