Daihatsu Hijet Minitruck

Update (更新): 2021-07-30 07:30:47

FOB Price in JPY (FOB価格(円)): 750000

    Vehicle Info (車両情報)

    Reference No (参照番号): C20210327002

    Model (モデル): Hijet

    Manufacture Date (製造年月日): 1993

    First Registration (最初の登録): 1993

    Type (種類): Mini Truck

    Engine Size (排気量): 660cc

    Engine Type (エンジン型式):

    Fuel (燃料): Gasoline

    Chassis No (車台番号下3桁): 997

    Mileage (走行): 43,824 km

    Color (車体色): White

    Steering Wheel (ハンドル): RHD

    Drive System (駆動方式):

    Transmission (ミッション): MT

    Riding Capacity (乗車定員): 2 people

    Doors (ドア): 2

    Dimensions (寸法)(L x W x H): 329 x 139 x 166 cm

    Unit Weight (単位重量): 620 kgs

    Remarks (コメント)

    Location: L.A., California

    Kei Trucks, also known as Mini Trucks, have been widely popular across not only Japan, but also the US and the rest of the world. Most Japanese manufacturers have one in their line-up, such as Honda Acty, Daihatsu Hijet, Subaru Sambar, Mitsubishi Minicab and Mazda Scrum. They mostly also come in a Van variation.

    These trucks are useful in a variety of ways:
    - farms
    - yard work
    - landscaping (they barely leave any footprint)
    - construction
    - other labor servi

    Condition (状態)

    Scratch (傷):

    Dent (凹み):

    Faded Paint (色あせたペンキ):

    Peeled Paint (皮をむいたペンキ):

    Repair Signs (修理標識):

    Rust (さび):

    Corrosion (腐食):

    Tears (破れ目):

    Burns (燃やす):

    Broken (壊れ):

    Missing Parts (不足部品):

    Chips (ペンキチップ):