Rear Suspension Traction Arm RH/LH Set

UPDATE (更新):2021-02-11 07:45:24

Price in JPY (価格): 4190

    Parts Info (部品情報)

    Reference No (参照番号): P20210208002

    Model (モデル): Nissan Skyline GTR (BNR32)

    Condition (状態): used

    Manufacturer (メーカー): Nissan OEM

    Product Name (商品名): Rear Suspension Traction Arm RH/LH Set

    Model Code (モデルコード):

    Mileage (走行):

    Transmission (ミッション):

    Engine Type (エンジン型式):

    Engine Size (排気量):

    Fuel (燃料):

    Steering Wheel (ハンドル):

    Auto Parts Maker (自動車部品メーカー):

    Genuine Parts No (純正部品番号):

    Remarks (コメント)

    100% OEM item. Used. Made in Japan Product Status - These are from the SKYLINE GT-R R32 (BNR32) - Good condition with some minor wear and scratches  - There is nothing wrong with it and it is in great working condition. Little    normal usage scratches are expected as it is normal for a used part. - The donor car has not been in an accident - There are deterioration, cracks, etc. on the bushing.   Please make sure it fits your car before purchase.