Clear Front Turn Signal Indicator

UPDATE (更新):2021-02-17 01:56:02

Price in JPY (価格): 13800

    Parts Info (部品情報)

    Reference No (参照番号): P20210214002

    Model (モデル): Nissan Skyline GTR (BNR32)

    Condition (状態): used

    Manufacturer (メーカー): unknown (after market)

    Product Name (商品名): Clear Front Turn Signal Indicator

    Model Code (モデルコード):

    Mileage (走行):

    Transmission (ミッション):

    Engine Type (エンジン型式):

    Engine Size (排気量):

    Fuel (燃料):

    Steering Wheel (ハンドル):

    Auto Parts Maker (自動車部品メーカー):

    Genuine Parts No (純正部品番号):

    Remarks (コメント)

    It is an aftermarket clear turn signal for the R32 Skyline. Clear turn signals with the same shape as the genuine ones are rare these days. For some reason the right one is a little duller than the left lens. No cracks or damages. Accessories are the 4 orange bulbs. There are no sockets or harnesses.