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Welcome to SNK Trading Japan

Supplying high quality JDM cars has been our goal since the very start. SNK Trading Japan is a Japanese vehicle auction agent and exporter based in the Kansai region in Japan. We purchase vehicles for overseas customers and handle everything from the auction purchase to the actual export by ship. Every single vehicle that we advertise is presented with accurate photos and information which represents the actual quality and overall appearance correctly to ensure you will get what you pay for.
We have an experienced team offering our services in several languages, including English, Japanese and German.
Our goal is to assist our customers in any manner possible. We are please to help you to purchase quality vehicles from Japanese auctions and dealers at the cheapest possible prices. Additionally, we are pleased to offer you additional services such as bidding on items through Yahoo Auctions Japan, searching and securing car parts and so on. If you have any questions regarding our process, stock, shipping or company, please contact us by phone or email. We will be happy to answer all your questions.
Your SNK Trading team

Why choose SNK Trading Japan?

Professional Customer Service

Our customer service and support is exceptional. Our friendly and experienced staff will ensure to provide the best customer care and support available.

Competitive Pricing

Our fees are among the lowest in the automotive industry.


Due to the rigorous car inspection system in Japan, the vehicles at the auctions and dealers are high in quality and low in mileage compared to other similar cars elsewhere.


We ensure prompt service throughout, including replying to customer inquiries, speedy preparation of all documents and shipping of customer's vehicles on the first available vessel.

Company Information

Company Name SNK Trading Japan LLC
Address 1-30-23-5 Torikainono, 566-0053 Settsu, Japan
Email info at
Business Hours Mon - Sat, 9:00 - 18:00
Business Content Used Car and Car Parts Dealership
Main Bank Japan Post Bank
Second Hand Dealer Permit 大阪府公安委員会許可 第62235R023725号


・Sourcing and buying used cars at live auction houses throughout Japan
・Preparing all necessary export documents for shipping
・Shipping cars by RoRo (ferries designed to carry wheeled cargo) or container
・For domestic customers, we can prepare all the neccessary documents for the name change
・Sourcing car parts (used, genuine, non-genuine, OEM) through our dealer network
・As most Japanese sellers do not send parts overseas, we offer receiving and packing your Yahoo Auction items (even non-automotive related). Please contact us for a fee list.


At SNK Trading Japan, our customers come first. Building lasting relationships with our partners and employees.

Our core values shall be based on honesty, integrity and service to the community.